About Gekev Prospects Limited

Our Mission

To provide cost effective and reliable industrial gas solutions with safety and commercial integrity at providing value-added services to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision

To be a preferred leader in the supply and distribution of industrial gas products and services to the energy and industrial markets.

Our Objective

To maintain safe qualitative and efficient operating conditions while offering our clients world class services at prices that are relevant to the local economy

GPL is a reputable company with a team of professionals committed to providing Industrial and medical gases, engineering, chemical, oil tools, industrial insulation, equipment, maintenance and support services to: oil and gas, construction, chemical and allied industries, marine and solid mineral sectors. We have built a reliable team in the industry, having grown our workforce from a handful of experts to a dynamic organization of unique specialists.



Our History

Superior Gas Products and Services

1999 - Present


GEKEV PROSPECTS LIMITED is a company registered and incorporated in Nigeria. We started operations in July 21st 1999 at No. 88 Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout, opposite Oando Filling Station as a small industrial, medical, and domestic gas company in a small caravan. Through our emphasis on innovation and focused management with strategic principles for efficiency and effectiveness in our delivery to our clients, we have grown our workforce into a team of experienced professionals committed to providing high quality products and world class services at prices that are relevant to the local economy from our operational office now located at No. 60 Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

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GPL Achievements

GEKEV PROSPECTS LIMITED's philosophy of high quality products, efficiency, quick responsiveness, and on-time delivery, all at competitive rates, has propelled us to build our own manufacturing plant where we are producing wide range of gas products such as oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene etc. We have also developed comprehensive logistic support on gas products from our factory at Boskel Road, opposite C-Way Water in Elelenwo around Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


GEKEV PROSPECTS LIMITED has also developed comprehensive industrial insulation services such as thermal/cryogenic insulation, ductwork insulation, personnel protection, acoustic insulation, procurement of insulation materials, periodic maintenance of dilapidated/damaged insulation on facility. Our emphasis on safety remains our strong point in every task we have embarked on as we have over the years recorded a no fatality, no injury feat in all our operations. We have developed and adopted world class best practices and methodologies in all our execution processes, which enabled us to consistently deliver high quality services and on time, to all our clients.


GEKEV PROSPECTS LIMITED provides the best expertise in import, export, procurement, and equipment support services. Our relationship with clients regarding supply chain management is superb. We have been able to achieve this feat based on a dedicated team, dedicated freight forwarders and clearing agents as well as warehousing and stockholding capabilities. We save you the cost and inconvenience of going abroad to get them yourself. We have thought, reasoned, planned, and provided some of the things that give our busy clients so much headache, so you won't have to worry. Most importantly, we believe that our success is hinged on our clients' total satisfaction.

“As a diversified company, we operate with a common purpose and organizational support for each other. We are a specialist company that have experts drawn from all fields of engineering who have technical excellence and innovation; therefore, we strive to operate on the leading technical edge in all our areas of operation.”

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