Our Major Services

GEKEV PROSPECTS LIMITED recognizes the need to implement a quality system to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and efficient and effective operation of companies.

Based on our vast experience in engineering, construction, and the maintenance industry, we have developed seasonal technical manpower sourcing and management network both on short and long term bases, which have impacted positively on the areas listed below:

Industrial, Calibration (Mixed), Medical, Refrigerant and Domestic Gases

We produce, import, export, and supply to our clients high quality and high purity gas products.

Procurement and Leasing

Our company provides procurement and leasing with ultimate quality standard, in line with our client's and customer's specification in conformity with their desired satisfaction.

Engineering Design

We offer conceptual/front and detailed engineering design, computerized project planning and simulation.

Mechanical Engineering

We offer repairs and commissioning of machines, diagnosis and repairs of pumps, compressors, turbine engines, bond walls and sand blasting


We are involved in dredging projects, offering customers innovative solutions for even the most complex projects and challenging environments.

Equipment Services

We offer equipment leasing, supplies, installation, and support services.

Marine Services

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to plan and deliver marine services and projects of all sizes.

Materials Supply Services

We supply gas racks, welding equipment, oil tools, and building materials.

Environmental Services

We run environmental impact assessment, process impact analysis, ecological degradation indexing, and oil spill containment.

Insulation Services

We offer industrial thermal insulation as well as other insulation services.


Civil Engineering

· Civil Construction
· Pipeline Construction
· Turnkey Contracting
· Road Construction/Rehabilitation
· Bridges and Culverts
· Labour Supervision Drainage

Engineering Design

· Conceptual/Front Engineering Design
· Detailed Engineering Design
· Computerized Project Planning
· Project/Process Simulation

Mechanical Engineering

· Diagnosis, Repairs and Commissioning of Machine
· Diagnosis, Repairs of Pumps
· Diagnosis, Repairs of Compressors
· Diagnosis, Repairs of Turbine Engine
· Bond walls and Sand Blasting

Quality Material Supply

· Gas Racks Supply
· Welding Equipment Supply
· Oil Tool Supply
· Building Material Supply

Equipment Services

· Equipment Leasing
· Equipment Supplies
· Equipment Installation
· Equipment Support Services

Environmental Services

· Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
· Process Impact Analysis
· Ecological Degradation Indexing
· Oil Spill Containment


  • Industrial Thermal/Cryogenic Insulation
  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Personnel Protection
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Procurement of Insulation Material
  • Periodic Maintenance of Dilapidated/Damaged Insulation on Facility

Gekev Prospects Limited is also an industrial thermal insulation and material procurement company that specializes in providing high quality products and services to our client and customers.

We have developed a good industrial experience and personnel that can meet and exceed any client’s requirements, specification and standards required in any of our specialty areas. Our experience in the specialty areas covers industrial thermal insulation, insulation material procurement and consultancy services.

Gekev Prospects Limited boasts of wealth of experience in satisfying clients with good insulation products and services that conform to specified requirements in a timely and cost effective manner in Oil & Gas companies and Allied industries and is registered under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Corporate Company and has a technical partner – Wistinkay Global Services Limited – as its partner.

We have proficiently delivered enormous jobs and provided Oil & Gas companies/Allied industries with high quality products and services, all around maintenance task with good motivation, professionalism, reliable and honest services geared towards solving and proffering solution to their industrial insulation associated problems.


· Rock Wool
· Ceramic fiber
· Mineral Wool (Stone)
· Mineral Wool (Glass)
· Cellular Glass
· Fiberglass
· Foam glass
· Calcium Silicate
· Elastomeric Foam
· Phenolic Foam
· Polystyrene
· Polyurethane
· Vermiculite
· Aluminium sheet metal (Stone)
· Stainless sheet metal
· Screw nails
· Wire mesh
· Fire blanket
· Pop rivet
· Sealant
· Binding wire
· Band Clips

Consultancy Project Management

· Process documentation of bidding
· Providing technical advice
· Draft technical work procedure for insulation
· Reading and interpretation of insulation drawing
· Writing reports and documentation
· Interface between client's company and ours
· Site inspections before mobilizing to site


· Industrial Thermal / Cryogenic Insulation
· Ductwork Insulation
· Personnel Protection
· Acoustic Insulation
. Periodic maintenance on dilapidated/damaged insulation in client's facility.

Leasing - Insulation tools and equipment

· Grooving Machine
· Rolling Machine
· Drilling / Shear Machine
· Lock forming Machine
· Complete tools box (manual hands tools) such as pair of dividers/compass, cutters, screw drivers measuring tapes, square, strapping tools, saw and blade, vernier calliper, gripping tool, knife, scisssors, meter rule, marking tools, sealant gun, etc.

Manpower Supply

· Sheet metal fabricators
· Insulators
· Jacketers (clad fitters)



In GEKEV PROSPECTS LTD, we comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements. We have passed an integrity audit test conducted on us by ENERGY WORKS TECHNOLOGY, which was done on quality basis. Our asset has been acquired through specialized consultancy/advisory services by ALTERSTONE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT LTD and insurance is covered by NIGER INSURANCE PLC.

Our bankers have been our backbone. They have supported us all these years. Access Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank are some of the financial institutions solidly behind us and that understand our business policy, enabling us to operate in an internationally accepted standard.

We have workshops fully equipped for local and foreign assembling of gas racks. We also have equipment for pressure testing. These testing systems are capable of testing high capacity pressure tanks. We have the capacity and certification to maintain all types of gas cylinders/bottles and valves. We also repair valves’ non-critical parts and seals.

We have created a difference through our emphasis on high technical expertise, customer focus, on-time delivery, professionalism, quality of service and have maintained an open communication policy with all our clients to ensure that we support our clients at every point in their project, thereby helping them achieve their project goals.

Our workforce, who are our most valuable assets, are exceptional. This is what makes an experience with Gekev Prospects Ltd, a local company with international standards, rewarding for all our customers, subcontractors, and technical partners.


In the interest of our staff, clients and the community we live and work in, emphasis is placed on ensuring human health, operational safety and environmental protection. The health and safety of our employees is our priority in daily operations.


  • Openly communicate out quality health safety and environment policies and ensure that they are properly understood.
  • Evaluate and continually improve our QHSE performance objectives.
  • Recycle waste and minimize environmental pollution and all toxic emissions.
  • Eliminate completely all forms of HSE accidents.

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